A “Relationship Expert” advises parents to obtain their consent before changing their baby’s diaper.

People will always have an opinion, if there is one thing about life we can be sure of. Even when relatively few people are paying attention, some will even make an effort to express their opinions as loudly as they can.

Anyone may easily express their opinions to the world and have them heard thanks to the Internet. It’s funny how opinions seem to get more attention the stranger they are.

That is what one expert is now experiencing, thanks to their unusual recommendation for parents. They are a self-proclaimed relationship expert, and they said that parents should ask for permission before changing a diaper.

We realize that there are a lot of issues revolving around consent these days, and it can be difficult to navigate them. As far as many parents are concerned, however, asking a baby’s permission before changing a dirty diaper is just out of the question.

o be honest, most parents are not very happy about the fact that they have to change diapers but it is a necessity if you are going to raise your children happy and healthy. Adding the extra layer of having to ask permission before doing so is above and beyond.






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